Intergenerational Fiddle Cult
The Intergenerational Fiddle Cult consists of John Bealle, Eloise Clark, and Liz Burkhart. John and Eloise have been playing music together for almost 40 years, most well-known as half of the Queen City String Band. Liz has been participating in the folk arts for seven years. Just over three years ago, John and Eloise took Liz in as a housemate. Their house—“245”—became a stopover for travelers, a scene for parties and dances, and a destination for dinner guests. When Covid struck, the housemates pulled together, creating a brand of camaraderie and teamwork that makes up their limited-edition sound. Soon this trio will be scattered to the winds, and there may only be one chance for their sound to be heard!

The band's one-and-only show, will be held at 1:00pm EST, Sunday, January 17th on Zoom. It is free admission, but you must register at Eventbrite. You'll receive the Zoom link and the Meeting ID in an email, then at the start of the show you use Zoom to attend. If you install Zoom on your computer or device, just click the link to attend. You can also go to the Zoom website and use the Meeting ID to view the show.